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Here are our Beautiful Imperial Shih Tzu Mommies!

The Best of the Best both in looks and personality

producing equally Equistite tiny Chinese

Imperial Puppies!  They are our much loved pets first

and foremost!  Breathtaking little Imperial

Shih-Tzu Beauties!! teacup



 Iron Butterflys Bae Coachella



I have been Adopted :) 

Stunning Chocolate and White Parti Girl! Chella is in a class of her own!! She has an Extreme Munchkin face and if that weren't enough she has been genetically tested and carries for EVERY COLOR in the Shih Tzu color chart! She is a Rumor and Player daughter second generation Iron Butterfly Shih Tzu baby! Chella can produce all shades of Liver (Chocolate and Red), Red, White, and Blue offspring if crossed correctly!! 

Weight:  5# 12oz.



 Iron Butterflys Fly Girl



I have been Adopted :) 

Rich Red Brindle little girl with Major Smooshy Face Factor and a Teeny Tiny Nose set Way WAY high up there!!  Fly is so cute it is Insane!!  The Extreme tip back to her nose / muzzle is Amazing!  We were IN LOVE from the moment we saw her!!!  Fly has thick cobby bone structure and literally THE MOST COAT I personally have EVER seen on a Shih Tzu!!  She is Triple Thick Coated!!!  She could be in the Show Ring!  Fly carries Red / Gold, Brindle, Liver, White, and the Parti Gene.  

Weight:7#  12oz.



Iron Butterflys Sashay Away



I have been Adopted :) 

Yes Sashay is all THAT! Solid Onyx Black with not One White Hair on her!! JUST EXQUISITE! Total Babydoll face with an Exotic Almond shaped eye with the Cutest Lil flat topped nose ever!! Sashay carries for Black, Liver (Chocolate and Red Liver), Red and Blue. All this variety and she can produce it in Solid babies like herself and Parti coat pattern! Born and raised here at Iron Butterfly Shih Tzu she is a Full Sister to Chella!!

Weight: 5# 8 oz. 













Iron Butterfly Shihtzu

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